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This survey is for students, parents and the community as a formal way to provide input to WPMS regarding the optimal functioning of the school.
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Non-Discrimination Statement

Wills Point Independent School District does not discriminate against any student, employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, pregnancy, military status, genetic information, political information, or on any other basis prohibited by law. Employment decisions will be made on the basis of each applicant's job qualifications, experience, and abilities.

For more information about your rights or grievance procedures, contact:
Title IX Coordinator
Damon Davis
338 W.N Commerce St
Wills Point, TX 75169
903-873-5100 x0
           Section 504 Coordinator
Kim Karch
1405 W.S. Commerce St.
Wills Point, TX 75169
903-873-5100 x6

News Alerts

The decision to close schools or start the school day at a later time due to inclement weather or other emergencies will be made no later than 6:00 am on the day of the emergency..


Report Bullying / Drug Use

To report drugs on campus or witness drug use, please click below to fill in a report. All reports are anonymous.
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Campus Information

Welcome to Wills Point Middle School!
101 School St.
Wills Point, TX 75169
Ph: 903-873-5100 (ext 3)

Mrs. Nance, Principal
Mr. Clayton Claridy, Assistant Principal
Mrs. Clevenger, Counselor

Mission Statement
Wills Point Middle School will create a safe and supportive learning environment that nurtures students to become responsible, compassionate citizens who continually strive for success.

Vision Statement
All students will excel
because of what we do.
Yes we can...yes we will!

Bragging Rights

The Eighth Annual Bragging Rights is an annual publication published by Texas School Business, which also publishes a news magazine for public education.

In this year's issue, the Middle School Girls Conference was featured as a story! Only 12 out of 100 possible nominations are selected for the honor of showcasing academic and administrative initiatives.

Click the link below to access the online issue and read the story! The feature article begins on page 43.
"Conference Helps Girls Gain Confidence as they Transition to Junior High", by Jennifer LeClair


Homecoming 2014

We've got to work hard all day and night
So that we can earn our stripes
We do our best every day
Because we know that's the Tiger way
We put on our stripes and show our pride
By helping others and doing right
We show our stripes and look real cool
That's how it's done at the Middle School
Sound off!  Blue and White!
Sound off!  Show your stripes!
Blue and white, yeah, that's right!

Wills Point Middle School
Shaking off the STAAR

Hi, my name is Anita Nance and I'm the principal at Wills Point Middle School. I am excited about this year and all the opportunities that it brings. At Wills Point Middle School we are earning our tiger stripes each day to become community members of respectable character that use our given strengths to take care of others.

We will challenge every student to do their best academically. Our school creed focuses on "Having the Right Stuff"; which includes showing respect, being an active listener, having good manners, exercising self-control, and practicing good communication! The students at WPMS make this commitment each and every day.  

Our staff philosophy here at WPMS is BIG TEAM, little me: 

This philosophy allows us, as a staff, to truly work together as a school family. Just remember;  students, together we can achieve great things.  I am looking forward to this upcoming school year of earning and "Showing our Stripes" and hope you are too!  

Principal of the Day
Second Nine Weeks

Tristan Rodriguez

Daily Announcements

Tiger Stripe News
Parent Newsletter

Parent Newsletter 1st 9 weeks 2014-2015.pptx.pdf
More Tiger Stripe News...
Parent Newsletter 2nd 9 weeks 2014-2015.pptx (1).pdf
Tigers Stripe 2
Parent Newsletter side 2 2nd 9 weeks 2014-2015.pptx.pdf
Tiger Stripe Newsletter for Parents, Spring 2015
Parent Newsletter 4th 9 weeks 14-15 (1).pdf
Jump Rope for Heart
Raising Funds for the American Heart Association

Wills Point Middle School is busy with their Jump Rope for Heart campaign! Each year the middle school jumps for the sixth grade science teacher, Mr. Robertson, a heart transplant recipient. The parents have been stopping by their child’s PE class time to watch their student perform amazing feats with a simple jump rope! The goal of the middle school is to raise $3,000 dollars! These funds are used by the American Heart Association for researching life-saving procedures for heart patients. If you are interested in helping the middle school meet their goal then please visit www.heart,org/jump or stop by the middle school to make a donation. 

Sixth Grade Science club 

The Wills Point Middle School, 6th grade Science club were recently invited to attend a lecture by Stephen Ritz. Mr. Ritz is an educator and urban farmer who has transformed portions of the Bronx, New York into a virtual living classroom using aeroponic gardening. Students were treated to an awesome Pizza supper at Campisis' provided by their event sponsor Mrs. Sandy Guest. She had also reserved seating for our group in front of the stage. The science club had purchased a Tower Garden from Mrs. Guest as an ongoing project this year. Before the event students had an opportunity to speak with a horticulturist about how to pollenate and care for their plants. The best part was a motivational talk by Mr. Ritz. At the end he called the students on stage and spent a great deal of time talking and interacting with them. It was exciting and motivational to the point they did not want to leave. Mr. Ritz and many of the adults present constantly praised our students for their manners and great attitude. The group was escorted by 6th grade Science teacher Mr. Robertson and 6th grade ELA teacher Mrs. Tate. For more information on Stephen Ritz google The Green Bronx Machine.

Dallas Morning News Spelling Bee


On January 13th Zander Taylor, sixth grade, won the Spelling Bee contest for Van Zandt County and will represent Van Zandt county at The Dallas Morning News Regional Spelling Bee held at the WFAA Studios in Dallas on Saturday, March 21, 2015. The Spelling Bee will be broadcast the following day, Sunday, March 22, 2015 on WFAA-Channel 8, time TBD. Ava Ewins, in fifth grade, came in second place and will serve as alternate if Zander cannot make the meet.

                           What's Happening at WPMS?

WPMS Watch D.O.G.S.


Campus Creed

Wills Point Middle School Creed
As a student of Wills Point Middle School
I promise to do my best
Show Respect
Be an active listener 
Have good manners
Exercise self-control
Practice good communication
To Have The Right Stuff

Upcoming Events

Monday, May 25
Memorial Day
Staff and Student Holiday
Thursday, June 4
Full School Day
Early release moved to Friday May 5th due to Bad Weather Make-up
Friday, June 5
Bad Weather Make-up & Early Release
Contact campuses for specific release times.
Monday, June 8
Staff Development

Monday, June 15
School Board Meeting
Tuesday, June 23
STAAR Re-test
Re-testing for 5th and 8th Reading

Parent News

Men of Honor
Ladies of Honor

The students on our campus have been invited to learn more about a new opportunity.  Please review the website and video clips below to learn more.

Backpack Program WPMS offers a backpack program for children on our campus that need nourishment during the weekend/Holidays. If you would like to help fill these backpacks, please see the list below.You can also sponsor a child for the year. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Nance.

(microwavable pasta meals, hot/cold cereal, mixed fruit/veggie cups, fruit juices, pudding, granola
bars, peanut butter crackers, bottle water, fruit snacks)

School Start Time
Classes at the Middle School begin promptly at 8:00. Your child will receive a tardy slip if they arrive after that time. The cafeteria stops serving breakfast at 7:45.  If your child is a car rider and needs to eat at the school, they must be here by 7:45. The teachers begin lessons at 8:00, so your child is missing valuable learning time by coming to school late. They are also a distraction to the other students when they enter the classroom late. Thank you for making every effort to have your child here on time every day.

Fifth and Sixth Grade Gym Classes
Please send your child to school in tennis shoes on the days that they go to PE.  The teachers are spending every possible minute teaching and are not able to take time out of their busy schedules to allow students to change shoes before and after PE class.  The students are very active in PE and will not be allowed to participate if they are wearing sandals or flip flops.  We appreciate your cooperation in helping us achieve more growth each day.

Fifth Grade Technology
Students in fifth grade technology classes need to have headphones or ear buds to use in technology class.  The sound in the programs we use is beneficial to the development of the skills the students are learning.  Thank you for your continuing support in the achievements of your children. is a new, free service where teachers can share their classroom needs. When teachers list their needs, we can win rewards for our school. Click on the picture above and start earning for our school now.